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About Us

We love design and coding, we create.

We have been active and operating in Kosovo with individual projects since 2010. We began our journey as a startup company in 2018, when we officially founded the initially named company Horizon Creative Agency. And, for almost two years, we had the privilege to work with some of the top companies in Kosovo and very successful companies and individuals abroad.



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Years of Experience

Horizon Plus


For several years our co-founders and current owners have provided creative services such as design and social media management and web design services for companies in Kosovo and abroad. Currently, the company operates as Horizon Plus LLC, changing the name from Horizon Creative Agency to Horizon Plus. The Plus standing for the new departments and the new capabilities we are continuously building. Over the years we as Horizon have expanded considerably and currently, the company operates with several departments such as Code, Design, Analytics, PR, and Plans. Today, we do business from two different locations from our office in Pristina, Kosova, and New York, United States.

We embodied the plus in our company’s name for the sole purpose that we believe that the “plus” as it stands by its definition, is what defines our journey, our mission and us in general. As such, our company’s philosophy is that firstly, every individual in our company is a team member, each one of us is a plus, secondly, with every service we provide we aim to add value to our clients and their mission. And finally, we believe that all change starts small, and we understand that our contribution to the community may be small; however, we want to bring positive change in the community we live in.