How does a website add value to a business?

At Horizon Plus we have been giving out tips and advice via our blogs on the impact of technology, brand and identity, new websites, e-commerce, social media, SEO, and other areas and how they positively impact business operations and sales. The benefits of using technology in business outweigh all disadvantages; however, this may not be as easy to realize. Hence, this blog aims to help you understand why your business needs a website and how it helps to add value to your business.

A website whether it is a simple informational website, a more complex one such as e-commerce; adds value to your business by increasing sales, improving your marketing performance, helping achieve credibility and as well help reach long-term equity.

“Growing companies need to invest in a quality website. It is an aggregation of a company’s most valuable assets. When designed correctly, it communicates a company’s competitive differentiators, processes, clients, employees, and success stories.”

Heather Cox


Websites are no longer just a simple tool that is used to serve informational purposes only the same as a brochure would do. The internet and technology now play a different and more important role in our daily lives and businesses. Professional websites have become crucial and fundamental for a successful operation of a business. Websites play a very important role in solid marketing and a continuous online presence. “With a well-defined marketing niche, an effective website attracts a growing number of would-be clients who are looking for your services online.”

Users on a daily basis search for services and products of their interests in search engines such as Google and Bing; and, as a business that does not invest in your website and online presence you then are invisible to all these searches and potential clients. Furthermore, a professional website backed with SEO, and continuous updates on your sites will definitely boost your reach and visibility, as such boost your sales. So, when a business invests in having a professional, updated and optimized website will undoubtedly have more leads and conversely more clients.

How does a website add value to a business?


A good website showcases your business’s story, your mission, and values, it tells your prospects how they can connect with you and why? It is super important to understand that solid marketing is not something you can achieve in a day. Marketing is the sum of all your efforts and investments such as in your website, social media, online presence, SEO, promotions, and ads, how you treat and process your contacts, leads, and prospects, etc.

Hence, starting off with a good website is assuring that you are on the right track. Most recently, we developed a website for Perla Residence, a real estate firm that sells houses in our local market. We and the client invested pretty good time and efforts to make sure that the landing page of Perla told the story of “why” owning a house is different and advantageous compared to owning an apartment. Additionally, Perla is not the only real estate firm here, there are plenty of other companies too, each having its advantages such as in prices, location, and others. We had to make sure that the founding mission and core values of Perla were at the front and center on the landing page, in order for prospects to understand what was important to the Perla team, and how the two could relate and potentially result in a purchase.

Our client’s website shines compared to the websites of the competitors, and this then brings a very significant competitive advantage. Most of your website visitors, depending on what you sell, one day will be potential clients. As such, there are a number of visitors that just visit your site but are not quite ready to engage in purchasing your products or services at the time. However, with a good and professional website, you can collect emails and information for your visitors which in turn will nurture your leads. A tool such as this is super important for any growing business.


Your continuous investment in improving your processes, services, and products is a must; however, investing and improving your website and online presence is something you cannot neglect. A website is a direct reflection of your business; consider it just as if it is a second office or just another branch of your business.

  • Is your site properly configured for mobiles and your content updated?
  • Does it tell your visitors that you are a successful business?
  • Are your business values and vision properly presented?
How does a website add value to a business?

This is something you have to think about the next time you visit your own website because in short, this is what all visitors think. Visitors will make decisions based on their perception of your business as they see it through what you are serving to them on your website. And very often they will look for clues to see.

  • If they can get the product/ service they are asking for (your landing page, your service/ product page)?
  • Whether you deliver what you promise (testimonials, ratings)?
  • Whether you are qualified and if they can trust you (articles, team, and qualifications)?
  • And, if they want to contact for details or concerns how can they do that (contact page, signup forms)?

Long Term Equity

A well-designed and developed website will help build and sustain brand equity for your company. If your goals are to build a business that is self-sustainable that can easily sell, and that conveys trust in your brand; then, the sooner you start investing in your brand the more it will be worth in the future. This process starts by defining the mission of your business (or big why), your vision for the future, and your core values (how you deliver services). Another important factor for long-term equity is how easily your brand is recognized, hence your brand’s visual recognition. A professional logo, a clear motto/ tagline, and well-thought brand colors will help your prospects remember and easily come back to you when they are ready to engage. These and many other elements can be easily showcased on a professional and well-designed website.

Check our most relevant blogs for further information on how technology and websites can help your business, “Why does your business needs a website?”, “The Importance of Social Media Analytics”, and “What is SEO?”. Hence, consider what your plans are for the next few years? If you think you want to and are ready to grow, investing now in a new website or improving your existing one, can pay off in better clients, a fuller pipeline, higher rates, an easier sales process, and in the end, a higher valuation. Simply put, this is in short how a website adds value to a business. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation or a demo of your future professional website.

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