Our Services



Our core software development services range from consulting for solutions to the end-to-end development of solutions that can be tailored to small and mid-sized companies. Horizon Code plans and delivers full-cycle software development services that are tailored and scaled to your project and business needs.

We work with technologies such as Swift, Objective-C, SwiftUI; Kotlin, Java, PHP; React Native, Native Script, JavaScript; React, Angular, etc. And, we continuously work towards maintaining and enhancing these capabilities. Additionally, our teams besides being experts in development continuously train and work on their managerial skills and as such we are trained and work as per the best standards of the software development industry.

Additionally, we provide Software Development Services, QA & Testing, and other custom services.




We started as a small creative agency and still, creative services are at our heart and core services. With Horizon Design, we complement our other services. For as long as we have existed we have been helping companies and individuals visualize and represent their journeys, their work, and their mission through design. We aim to fully understand your business processes and philosophy, to deliver that feeling to the end-client.

In short, our design services include Visual Brand Identity, UX/ UI, Print and Digital Design, Photography, Advertising, and Social Media Management, and other custom services.



What we truly hold dear at the Analytics team is the collective knowledge that we as Horizon have managed to build over the years. Having several teams with different missions’ sets and at the same time, a dedicated analytics team is what enables us to provide suitable solutions for clients reaching out for data analytics, insights, and research projects.

We are driven by innovation and collaboration, and as a whole, we combine our different experiences and expertise as a company from all our departments to meet the needs of our clients. We address the need of having accurate and timely intelligence to provide reliable decision making. Furthermore, we aid companies in increasing their efficiency, having better resource organization; and finally, we help companies to take advantage of the technology resources available.

Data visualization
Integration of third-party solutions
Market research
Smart analytics



Public Relations

As per the current trends, social media is of crucial importance; in order for a company to maximize its online presence. We combine our vast experience in technology to provide necessary digital marketing management services for our clients. We can assure your brand’s message will be delivered to the targeted audience.

We ensure our clients maximum visibility and reach on the internet and continuously provide smart analysis so that the client can see a better bigger picture.



The plans department is still on its initial operating capabilities.

We use our multi-layered experience in technology and apply that in providing smart solutions for most of the problems many companies face when it comes to bettering their daily business routines. On the other hand, we help our clients by devising tailored plans to improve and enhance efficiency in the workplace whether in how they conduct operations, sales, or marketing.