Professional Logo Design Benefits?

Benefits of a Professional Logo Design

Why do logos as we know today often are taken for granted? Logos have a very ancient and interesting history. Most of the research suggests that the origin of logos dates as early back as the ancient Egyptians “they used hieroglyphics to brand and identify their possessions, until medieval times when graphic imagery was used to identify such as coat of arms”, to differentiate and help identification between different nobilities and their statuses. Put simply, this unique symbol called a logo is how your customers will get to initially connect with you, will get to call you by, and remember your business, services, and/ or products.

However, having a unique logo does not necessarily mean that other areas of customer care are to be left behind. Businesses invest considerable budget and time to ensure proper presentation, maintenance, and visibility of their logos; all this with the main objective ahead “to get more attention and create a long-lasting relationship”. Hence, it is widely accepted that having a professional logo design has great benefits such as gives the right first impression, helps audiences remember you, helps to stand out from the competition, and helps attract new customers.

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First vs Current Apple Logo

A Professional Logo Gives the Right First Impression

Most of the time, many products or services do not get a second time to earn the very needed attention. As such, when companies and businesses hire professionals to craft their logos and brands, that very first mistake of not giving the right first impression can often be mitigated. Creative companies such as Horizon Plus and many others around the world, take the necessary time to process inputs and requirements in how the client (the business) wants their enterprise to be seen and perceived by the audience. For example, a good logo design can convey the right message to the audience and help maintain that momentum for the future. A study by the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology revealed that “those that had a positive first impression of a business were more willing to cut them slack when its product or service became difficult to use.” Hence, a good logo design, and more importantly on time, helps a business make the right first impression that will make it easier for your customers to adapt and be more acceptable to your brand.

Logos Can Help Audience Remember You

A professional logo design will also help audiences remember you. Many of us and very often, to be honest, bump into logos that you just remember. Whether it is the look, the feel, maybe there is something that relates to you, or simply you just remember it. As such, based on our personal experiences, we can tell if a logo is designed by professionals, if time and effort were invested in that logo icon before it was presented to the public. “Some of the world’s most famous and successful companies have extremely memorable logos. Think about the red and white Target target or McDonald’s golden arches. The logos are inseparable from the companies.” “A well-designed logo can be key to branding a small business as well as a large business as it conveys both professionalism and familiarity.” We at Horizon Plus, can do just that, help you build your brand and identity starting from a professional and unique logo design. And you can start doing that simply by contacting us for a free professional consultation.

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McDonald’s Golden Archs

Professional Logo Design Helps Stand Out from the Competition and Attract New Customers

Professional logo design helps in the long term as well, it helps to stand out from the competition and helps attract new customers. When designing a logo the process is not as simple as putting 1, 2, 3 elements, and boom you have got a logo. Professionals such as Horizon Plus make sure that they convey the founding vision of your company into that single symbol; professionals send a message when designing your logo, make sure that your place in the market is represented with your visual identity. There are a lot of brands and companies providing the same or similar products and services out in the market; however, one must take all necessary measures to make sure that customers can differentiate you from the competition and at the same time attract new ones. For example, Converse is one of the top shoe companies in the world, their “new logo now uses a star and chevron to depict the brand’s mission of moving forward. What makes the Converse logo so iconic, is its nods to the tradition of the brand’s history.” Additionally, other serious brands such as Audi, use their logos to represent their history, their mission, and the values they represent; which, in turn, does help to stand out from the competition and attract new ones. “Audi’s four overlapping rings reflect the four manufacturers of Auto Union and are a reminder of the oldest carmakers in Germany.”

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Audi Logo


In short, it is as simple as this, companies should pay attention to their logos. A professional, well-thought logo crafted by professionals can help businesses thrive, and especially nowadays, where competition and differentiation have become a lot harder because of the vast information available out there. Hence, a professional logo design will help your business, your company give the right first impression, help your audience remember you, help to stand out from the competition, and attract new customers. At Horizon Plus, we love design and coding, we create. We help new and existing businesses design their logos and identities and strategize their presence in the market. Send a message to get a free consultation on how we can help you build a better and professional brand.

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