Digital Marketing Corona Virus

Digital Marketing during Corona Virus Outbreak

Digital Marketing during Corona Virus Outbreak

The situation created by Coronavirus (COVID-19) led the companies to reconsider their business operations, especially their marketing objectives and communication strategies for 2020. Considering market lockdowns and isolation, companies are adapting their marketing strategies by giving a special focus on digital marketing. The major advantage of digital marketing is its broader scope of applicability and the opportunity to be close to the costumer or client; no physical boundaries.

New Marketing Tactics

Communication strategies, as part of digital marketing are applied universally and they can be measured and analyzed further. Brainstorming digital marketing activities at this time, can be a great prospect to increase online presence, lead generation and boost online sales. Thus, according to Forbes, we expect to see investments toward “marketing tactics that drive online sales.”

Companies which focus their efforts on digital marketing in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak will have a competitive advantage over the competitors that do not react so quickly in this situation. During the self-isolation period, costumer or clients will request more content to read due to their constant usage of phones, laptops, and tablets. Thus, the demand for online advertising and e-commerce increases. In order to maximize the brand visibility and ecommerce, special attention is required in content marketing, SEO, video and animation and website audit.

While many business operations might be at rest, companies can take advantage of this rest period to update their website content and enrich their blogs. The overall aim of the social media content should be solving daily life problems and give value to clients.

Online Presence and Visibility

Costumers pay less attention to you story. On the other hand, they want to see how your story fit to theirs. Hence, companies should clearly communicate how their products and services will transform costumer’s life and experiences. Proper communication will lead to increase your online presence and visibility of your business. Content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less.

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SEO and Long Term Strategy

Coronavirus outbreak, can be used to rethink the SEO long term strategy. Thus, each SEO activity that is undertaken today, will affect the organic search traffic two months from now. When Coronavirus passes, the companies can see significant changes at their revenues due to their SEO responsive action taken that are taken during this period.

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