The Importance of Social Media Analytics

The Importance of Social Media Analytics

Social media is increasingly gaining importance and relevance when it comes to how companies deliver their messages to their targeted audiences. With the technology improving every day, new business models are emerging and actually are made available because of the technology facilitating it. For companies in the 21st century and, especially those that want to keep up with the competition and stand their ground, every day is a challenge.

Social media provides a complete new environment for businesses and individuals to deliver content and reach out to other people. However, with numerous social media platforms that exist nowadays, if your company simply is present on any given social media, that will not suffice. In this regard, it is crucial for any business too maintain their online presence, but not just it, rather than understanding the data behind its social media presence. Below you can find a few reasons why it is important to analyze your social media presence.

  • Save your time

With several social media platforms and each one of them providing a specific set of services; most companies today are present in more than one social platform. Hence, the content and the message that the company conveys to its audience is shared across several platforms. As such, reaching out for the data reports and how your activities on social media have performed, analyzing and comparing it what whatever results you excepted will help you save time. In order to focus on whatever fits your mission and objectives?

  • Analyze followers

All social media platforms provide users with some sort of tools that help analyze data on their system. For example, Facebook has some very useful tools, where you can find out where your audience/followers/ likes are from, their demographics information like age, gender etc. And so do other social media platforms. Using these native tools and other applications online can help a company analyze its audience, know more of its interests and preferences and as such, make its content more relevant.

  • Analyze the reach and results of your posts

It’s crucial to be aware of the impact that all of your posts are having. Which posts are being shared or liked most frequently? Which are leading readers to your landing page or website? On Twitter, you want to know which posts are being favorited and retweeted. The same is true with photos on Instagram, Facebook posts, videos and other content.

  • Compare platforms

There are more social media platforms every year. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, there’s LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat, to name just a few. You can’t have a strong presence on every single site. Analytics can help you identify which platforms work best for you. That way you can maximize your efforts on these sites and either drop the others or scale back your efforts with them.

  • Improve your ROI

While you may have to spend a little money on analytics tools and services, in the long run, they can help you save money and make your business more profitable. You can track how many leads your social media efforts are bringing in and how many of the leads turn into customers.

Horizon provides social media management services, you can contact us for a free consultation and audit of your social media presence. However, you can still use the tools provided in the social media platforms. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter provide a vast range of tools you can use for various tasks; you can use Facebook Analtyics to adjust and assume a better audience, Ads Manager and Ads Reporting to manage and configure ads reporting.

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