Why your business needs a website?

How would you like a low-cost showroom which is open 24/7 and generates good revenue for you? Websites are currently the “in” thing and anyone can get them designed. Of course there are various design requirements for a good marketing website. But there are ample resources on the Internet which will guide you for a good website design.

We strongly recommend that all businesses should have a website. And one of the strongest reasoning is that you are getting a marketing tool at a cost of a cappuccino in Starbucks. Below are 8 reasons we think having a website is important for business.

1. You are thinking of customers

When you design websites, you are off course thinking of your customers. This same sentiment is understood by customers also. You want your customers to know about your company. And it is not necessary that the customer touch base with you during the day time only. He might want to know about your company and its products in the middle of the night.

By having a website, you are resolving his curiosity and thereby making it easier for the customer to approach you. He already knows your business through your website.

2. Information

By displaying product catalogs, product features and comparisons the customer can get a lot of information through your website. In today’s online world, many customers make purchasing decisions online.

They already have their decisions pre made, even before they enter your showroom. This decision making will be supported because of your online presence (not necessarily only on your website).

3. Websites create a trust factor

This factor was true a couple of years back. But nowadays, website as a trust factor is highly abused. This is because any company can have an online presence.

Nonetheless, for many potential customers and in many industries, websites are still an important trust factor for the customer. I can definitely tell you that in the consumer durable industry, having a website is almost mandatory because the products are technical in nature. So if you want to divulge information, than it is another reason that website is important for businesses.

4. A well designed website can become a revenue driver

There are many different e-commerce gateways nowadays to sell your products directly online. So if you have a good website design, which creates trust in people, the customers might be ready to swipe their credit cards on your online store as well.

Online e-commerce comes with its own challenges because you need to maintain inventory and you need to manage transport. However looking at the phenomenal growth of e-commerce websites, we can be rest assured that small websites with unique products will grow equally well.

Having a website is important for business because sometime down the line, the customer will expect 100% of businesses to have an online sales presence. And if you are 24/7 collecting offers, then you can drive fantastic revenue for your business.

5. Repeat customers can get good information

Depending on different businesses, the frequency of repeat customers also varies. In some businesses, like garments, repeat customers will be very frequent. However in some businesses like consumer durable or hardware, or industrial products, repeat customers might hit your store 3-4 years later.

In such cases, repeat customers require additional and updated information to make purchases. Imagine that now your repeat customer, who has bought products from you 5 years back, needs new information. And now through your website, he can receive all the updated information and can make the purchase decision via a few clicks.

That’s just how easy it will become for you to retain repeat customers. Websites are an important source of information for new customers, but even more so for repeat customers who already trust your business.

Source: marketing91

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