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We are very proud to present our latest branding done for our client KOMPAS Interior & Design.


Kompas Interior Design, is part of Kompas Pantundshmëri, a top company in the real estate industry in Kosovo and the region. The company provides interior design and architectural services such as design and planning. And, as well as other services related to project supervision i.e. the services of the architecture and interior planning industry.


Considering the success of Kompas Patundshmëri and its highly ranked services, it was quite a challenge for our team to work in branding the new identity for the new company Kompas Interior Design. Yet, the challenge was happily accepted and resulted in a brand that we believe reflects the identity, values and qualities of the company and its clients.

The logo is constructed in a compact way, using the cube that represents the house. The lines are straight and compact. The logo has sharp edges that sets a very strong and emotional tone, because the shape is a cube this dominance is associated with stability, strength, balance and professionalism.


KOMPAS Interior & Design brand is composed of a number of basic elements that come together to create a distinctive look that make it instantly recognizable. Thus, it captures the essence of elegance, style, uniqueness, and personality of the client.


Working for KOMPAS Interior & Design was a great pleasure and we feel that we have added another happy client in our list. We at Horizon, are happy to help if your business needs designing and developing a new identity or refreshing the current one. Feel free to reach us and discuss your project, we provide free consultations for all the services we provide. Finally, check our portfolio to see what we have been working on so far.

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April 29, 2020
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KOMPAS Interior & Design