Branding and Identity, Rata Solar

At Horizon this time are very excited to present you the latest branding project, done for our client Rata Solar.


Rata is a local Kosovan company, founded in recent years but with a very important mission ahead; to facilitate and help businesses and households in Kosovo get access to solar energy. Rata is specialized both in sales and electric installations of solar energy infrastructure.


Our team was tasked with the very important mission to design the new brand, and to visualize those same founding principles that the team at Rata keep very close at their hearts. Such as the connection between nature and humans and that very long lasting respect for nature. Hence, the icon presented in the photos below is a combination of elements of nature in our case a mountain, the sun; while both symbolizing the shape of a human.


Additionally, the brand was further developed in order to implement the new identity for other mediums necessary. Feel free to browse images below or check our Facebook page.

Thank you Rata team for trusting us; we definitely enjoyed working with you.


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September 19, 2019
Branding, Print and Digital Design