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The presented logo below was crafted for Maestro, one of the most innovative startup companies recently founded in Kosovo, supported by the Ministry of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Kosovo. With an experienced team and a rich background on the local Kosovan maintenance services  market, for both individuals and businesses, Maestro promises to positively impact the market. The young Europeans at Maestro assure their clients that only top quality service will be provided.


Our team at Horizon was tasked to design Maestros new brand and also devise a branding strategy. Maestros founders for their visual representation, wanted something that would clearly define the connection part and the strong link that Maestro enables both for businesses and individual clients. In addition, the end product was to be modern and minimal.


Amongst the proposals that the team delivered; the version we are presenting today was the one that the company strongly accepted; and, we all felt that it had the qualities we aimed for initially. Maestro’s new logo, with interconnecting links symbolises the connection that the company enables between businesses and individuals. The chain links represent the strong bond that the company aims to build and sustain at the same time their clients. Whereas, the purple and blue colours symbolise the unity, trust, truth, security, confidence and wisdom; principles that the company values and respects. With the new logo for Maestro, we believe that its application whether in online media or print will be easy, and will deliver proper representation of the brand.


Working with Maestro was a very good experience, it challenged all of us in thinking out of the box, while enjoying the task and delivering a very good product. Thank you Maestro team; we definitely look forward to our future cooperation.

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June 21, 2019
Branding, Print and Digital Design, Social Media