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Our team at Horizon is awesomely happy to present branding done for our client Memory.

Memory is an online platform/ web application founded early this year in Kosovo; aiming to keep future generations informed about the history of the nation, martyrs, scholars, cultural and religious monuments both in Kosovo and the wider Albanian territories.

At Horizon we were tasked to plan and devise a brand strategy and design the new Memory brand. Also design and develop the web application, which currently is in the final development phase. Memory’s new logo icon was inspired from the shape of a memory card; hence, symbolizing the letter M. In addition, the icon forms a type of a historical object/building and also resembles a business man wearing a tie. As such, incorporating all core services provided by Memory in its new visual identity.

As you can see in the photos, the brand was further developed to implement the new identity in all mediums necessary i.e. imagery, stationery, specific QR code posters, billboards and social media.

Thank you Memory team for trusting us; we look forward to our future cooperation.

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August 7, 2019
Branding, Print and Digital Design, Social Media, Web Application